Save Money On College Textbooks

Are you a college student or do you have kids in college– With the high costs of tuition, every penny saved is a blessing. One way to save hundreds of dollars is buying used textbooks online. Some sites that you could use are Amazon,,, cash4books, These sites are helpful for buying used […]

Ravpower 5-in-1

The Ravpower 5 in 1 Filehub is a device that allows you do many things with your apple and android device. The Ravpower 5 in 1 has a built in sd card reader, it has a flash drive reader, it has built in mobile storage media sharing, an external battery pack, and wlan hotspot with […]

Great Tree For The Holidays

  The Jaclyn Smith 7′ Pre-Lit Preston White Pine Tree is a pretty tree that will add a nice touch to anybodies home. It is a great standalone tree or a great addition to the main tree. The tree stands about 7 feet tall and is not too wide. So it is able to fit […]


This week’s money saving tip is about a service offered from FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers free phone service and free internet service, with limited data and voice minutes. Prices for phone costs have been going up, but FreedomPop assures it’s customers of free services. FreedomPop offers a variety of different services including wireless data voice and […]